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Home Theater

A well engineered home theater system can deliver the out-of-this world immersive experience that you spend all day looking forward to. It doesn't matter what you want to watch or listen to, Pair Electronics can design the perfect system for you. With over forty years of specialized home theater experience, we have the know how to give you the home theater you'll never want to leave.

Home Automation

A home automation system from Pair Electronics can give you complete control over all of your home's systems. including , lighting, HVAC, irrigation, sound and multimedia systems, and even your kitchen appliances.

The ability to completely manage your home will streamline your daily life as well as save you a fortune on your utilities.

If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

Home Security

With over 30 years of professional security experience Pair Electronics has the ability to accurately assess, design, install and service your security solution. We can cater to any need and any budget.

Through our partnership with we can now give you full remote access and control of your system via your smart phone. With 24/7 customer support and our dedicated team, Pair Electronics is the best choice to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Whole House Audio

Want to be able to listen to smooth jazz in the home office while someone else is listening to the big game in the living room? Pair Electronics can give you the functionality to listen to whatever, whenever!

Whether you already have speakers throughout the house and just haven't been able to use them in a while or if you just want a few wireless speakers that you can move wherever you want, Pair Electronics has a solution for you.

Structured Wiring

A structured wiring panel is an organized, centrally located, network and structured cable distribution location that can give a home owner easier, and more efficient management over the systems within their home.

Pair Electronics can design, install and maintain your organized data and cable solution via our advanced products and services. 

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